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Medicine Lodge Golf Course as you've never experienced it before.

I understand this post might not be for everyone and that’s okay. Hopefully some reading this out there will think to themselves, “hey, why can’t my small-town course do that?” Because this is the story of tMP’s newest partner course: our hometown of Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

To be honest, this was the one course I always thought about when we were developing the idea for this company called the Middle Pin. It was the place I first learned to play with my grandpa “Doc” riding around in his 1970s era cart that made me more than a little embarrassed to be seen in. I took junior golf there a couple times. Baseball had my heart most of the time back then but it was always fun to get out and play with grandpa, or dad, or my brother, or high school friends. I remember more than once getting dropped off in the morning to play all day (for $15.00 in the honor box) and get picked up by my dad on his way home from work. It holds a lot of nostalgia.

And I feel it every time I go back. I don’t make it into town every time I visit my parents’ farm to play, but make back enough that I can recognize the changes that happened since my last visit. My scores there are a lot better now than they used to be but I still get that “man, it’s good to be home” feeling every time I step on the tee. The view from the tee box on hole four is stunning and is one of my favorite places on planet earth.

Kevin hitting a tee shot at one of my favorite places on Earth.

Yet, even today, when I go to play with my dad, I always run into the same problem: begging for someone to cover my green fee. And it isn’t that I don't have the money; it still only costs $20.00 to play all day. It's that I don’t have cash or a check to leave in the honor box. If any criminals are out there reading this, let this serve as your warning not to rob me: you won’t walk away with any cash because homie won't have any. Anyone who has won a bet on the golf course with me already knows this fact. I don't even own a check book anymore. Without a way to take the only payment I had, I was always asking whoever I was playing with if they could cover me. I hope everyone who has an IOU for Medicine Lodge Golf Course green fees doesn’t all come collecting at once…

I’m immensely proud of where I came from. It wasn’t perfect, still isn’t; but that environment and its people helped mold me into the person I am today. The golf course is only a small part of that. And it’s the only part I can really help with now. We want people from Medicine Lodge to be proud of what they have and to present it in a way that makes them proud to have us involved. And, we want golfers from all over to visit and see this unique course for themselves.

This might not have been possible without the vision and passion of some others who want all the same things. Michael Axline, who has followed the Middle Pin from the beginning and approached us about doing a website for our hometown course. He was the one really got the ball rolling and stepped up to sponsor the site’s development as his way of giving back to this special place. Bryant Theis, who also has followed the Middle Pin from the beginning and has been a catalyst for the course since getting more involved. He’s been texting me to come down and play in some of their tournaments for a couple years and I can’t wait to take him up on it in 2020. Gaten, Judd, Brooke, Michael, Cliff, Tom, Richard, and the rest of the Board I might be missing, for meeting with us, seeing the vision, and giving us the go ahead. This has been a fun project to do and hope you all enjoy the finished product. And, more importantly, I hope you find the online payment solutions useful as your course moves into the 21st Century. I can guarantee at least one golfer will find this website useful every time I visit.

The short sixth hole in Medicine Lodge right into the teeth of the south wind.

Here is a link to the website:

This isn’t a finished product and we’ll be down to update photos and video when things green up. We hope you spending some time seeing your course as you’ve never seen it and supporting your course in ways you never have before. Green fees can now be paid online through this site. All memberships (and membership add-ons like cart shed, trail fees, etc.) can also be paid online either through the one-time yearly payment option or through monthly payments automatically broken out and paid on a specified date. Your golf course membership can now be just like your Netflix account. And it can all be done in less than five minutes.

To those reading this who are interested in what we can do for your course, hit us up. We’d love to help in anyway we can. This one was special to us; there’s only one course you can say that you “grew up” on. And it's corny as shit to write, but your course is special to us too. We might not have ever played there, we might not know anyone there, and you might not believe us. But we have a mission to promote golf out here in the middle and help the places like the one we grew up playing. We’ll do that anywhere at any time.

Thanks again to everyone down in Medicine Lodge and hope you all enjoy the new website. Looking forward to a continued partnership to help your golf course.

I’ll wrap this up with a quote from Comanche Chief Ten Bears given during signing of the Treaty of Medicine Lodge in October 1867. This was the last thing the revered Chief said to the peace commission that day and summed up his feelings about this land. And we couldn’t say it any better:

“I want it all clear and pure and I wish it so that all who go through among my people may find peace when they come in and leave it when they go out.”

As always, we’re glad you’re here.


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