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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Out here in the middle, you can park it on the street.

Walk you to the counter, nearly always get a seat.

Nobody steals. Nobody cheats...

There is a great song by James McMurtry called “Out Here In the Middle” that sums up the Middle Pin pretty well. Spotify doesn’t list it as one of his most popular songs but it certainly isn’t one of his worst. Again, that about sums this venture here too.

The song is a great introduction to the place we’re from, and a lot of other places out there just like ours. It isn’t perfect, but then again, name me a place that is?

Amber waves of grain and bathtub speed.

We even have Starbucks, what else do you need?

That is what the Middle Pin is all about. Sharing and celebrating those places out here in the in-between. Sure, we have some world class golf here. But playing there is like playing on vacation. We’ll share those stories here too but that isn’t what we’re about in our normal life. Our normal life is a course where you can walk up to the counter, and nearly always get a tee. Sometimes, these places might have an honor box instead of a counter, but you get the point. These are the places we play golf. They may not be perfect, but if you ask me, I’d say they are pretty damn close.

Out here in the middle, where the buffalo roam.

They’re putting towers, for your cell phone.

the Middle Pin has a dual purpose. One, it is our creation to express ourselves. It is a joint venture by two friends with a shared passion and parallel creative streaks. We have a lot in common, but our love of golf jives perfectly with our brotherly competitiveness to keep pushing each other. We love this game and we both enjoy doing our own piece of this project so why not? the Middle Pin is about our adventure exploring the golf here in the in-between and sharing that with others. It also describes us pretty perfectly too. We certainly aren't the best golfers around, but we absolutely aren't the worst either. We're some place in the middle and that is just fine with us.

The second purpose of the Middle Pin is to help our neighbors and communities of golf around us. It will be a platform to help those communities learn about and celebrate what they have. It will also give those places twenty-first century solutions to help streamline what they already do. These are community owned and operated golf courses near us. They don’t need guest rounds to survive; they’ve been doing this for years. They know what they have, but the world doesn’t. This platform gives them that voice to the world at large while streamlining the process for their core golfers now, and the for their next generation of players that doesn’t even own a check book.

Wish you were here, my love.

Wish you were here, my love.

I can’t say whether this venture will be profitable or not. If I were betting, I’d take the under on any potential earnings we have to show from this. That’s just fine. That won’t stop either of us from doing what we love to do. We’re going to play these places anyway (more on that later) so we’ll probably go ahead and tell those stories through pictures, video, and words, anyway. Will it be perfect? Probably not but it’ll be pretty damn close.

My hope is that others will see the value of a project like this. Not only to stroke our artistic egos, but because I think this platform can actually help our partners impact their players. Glad you’re here.

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